In a world filled with 30 page contractual agreements, and 300 page Collective Bargaining Agreements, athletes have a lot to consider before signing on the dotted line. The majority of athletes signing their first contract are between the ages of 18-22 and some without their college degrees. The role of the sport agent is vital for athletes and their financial careers. An agent can be responsible for just about any and all aspects of an athlete's life; contractual negotiations, endorsement deals, travel arrangements, and personal matters. In the Representation industry segment, students will learn the ins and out of successful agent practice and work to complete case study specific to this segment.
Event/Facility Management
There are a lot of moving parts to managing a sports facility or event, and much like a sport game, there is a lot that is unpredictable. Everything from directing personnel to implementing logistics can come with unforeseen complications like inclement weather or malfunctioning equipment. The Event & Facility Management segment of the FILC focuses on the preparation, day of execution, and post event wrap up processes that go into this type of management. As an attendee in this segment, you will be able to hear firsthand, from management professionals of interesting fields, organization techniques and past experiences of event & facility management that will enhance your thought process when running your next event.
Sport Marketing
Sport marketing is a practice that includes the promotion of sports events and teams while also using the sport product to promote other non-sport products and services. Students will complete a specially designed case study based on the principles of sport marketing with guidance from industry professionals.  This segment will allow attendees to utilize their creativity and expertise to produce an effective solution to the sport marketing case study.
Sport Finance
The topic of Sport Finance is one rich in subject matter and data analysis. Sport Finance can describe the valuation and credit rating of a professional franchise or the process of capital budgeting for a new facility. In this segment of the McCormack FILC, you will be exposed to the wide range of financial operations that take place in the sport industry, from valuation of franchises to advisory of budding sport brands. The Sport Finance segment is an interesting niche to the rest of the industry. It requires quantitative skills of in-depth data analysis, qualitative skills to creatively identify business development potential, and constant networking. All of which are tools available for you here at the McCormack FILC.
Sport Sales
Sport is a product both produced and consumed at the same time. That is what separates Sport from any other good or service and makes it a unique product to sell. Whether the sale relates to a Corporate Partnership, Luxury Suite, or a Season Ticket Package, the sales of these assets is how Sport properties generate their revenue. By providing an inside look into the roles of Partnership and Ticket Sales professionals, the Sport Sales panel examines the scope of a Sales position as well as recent deals our professionals have successfully closed.  As an attendee participating in this segment, you will be gain an understanding of how Sport Sales professionals generate leads, approach prospects, close sales, and be able to see how they have reached success in the industry.
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